The “Point” System

To encourage members to read, e-Vine provides an appealing “point system” for learners of all ages.

For example, after reading an article or watching a video, members will complete a quiz to test their comprehension. Upon completing the quiz, a score will be visible. If the score is 70 or above, points will be awarded. The number of points earned is the same as the score (a score of 90 will earn 90 points). All points will be posted on member’s personal page and can be redeemed for a prize, an activity, or to assist a nonprofit educational organization.

Since our primary goal is to attract children and youth, a young person’s first incentive is usually for ‘self-benefit.’  Many popular prizes and activities that will capture their attention will be offered in our reward catalog as “Points-for-Prizes” and “Points-for-Activities.”

A third form, “Points-for-Projects,” will encourage e-Vine members to experience first-hand the joy of assisting nonprofit 501(c)(3) educational organizations.    (This form will be introduced in three to six months).


Financial donations to e-Vine projects can be "one-time" or automatically deducted as a weekly, monthly, or quarterly contribution and can be applied to whatever project the donor wishes to support. Watch this section for new e-Vine Projects -- COMING SOON!

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