Maggie’s Passage


By Mike Norris


An incredible DVD movie features an 18 year-old girl who leaves her adopted Christian home after her father’s tragic death. Seeking to fill a void in her life, she feels that she must locate her birth mother. But the mother she find does not love her or want her. Tragically, Maggie is caught up in this woman’s sinister, evil world.

After a few disappointing months, Maggie reaches a breaking point. In a rage, she releases her frustrations by destroying the seedy hotel room where she has become imprisoned.

Unexpectedly, an open Bible falls at her feet. That’s when she realizes that only one thing—Jesus Christ, our Savior—can break the bondage in which she has become enslaved. From the pages of God’s Word she realizes that He has a better plan for her life. Finding the courage to escape, she runs from her nightmare existence into an entirely new world.

Armed with the faith of a mustard seed, Maggie strikes out on her own with no place to go. Wandering the streets alone, broken and afraid, she encounters Max and Grace, who provide an opportunity for her passage. Together, they take her under their wings and guide her back to where she belongs, with her adopted mother, who has been praying for her safe return.

A major objective of this narrative is to help us look past our obvious differences and view everyone equally as God sees us. The student guide provides six group sessions with a variety of activities that allow God to speak to you through self-reflection, scripture meditation, discussion and sharing your thoughts and prayers with others in your group.

The facilitator guide offers a wealth of questions and activities to stimulate participants to think beyond the obvious.

Mike Norris will make a donation to e-Vine© from revenues generated from sales of the movie and supplemental guides.


Ideas for Using “Maggie’s Passage” Movie, Facilitator Guide, and Student Guides

  • Youth retreat or convention
  • Evangelistic outreach groups
  • Youth or Adult Sunday School class
  • Mentoring
  • Vacation Bible School
  • Women’s prayer group
  • Missions group


Order Here:

Package: $29.95
(Includes one 90 minute DVD movie, one 32 page facilitator guide and one 42 page student guide)

Student guides may be purchased in bulk:
1-5 student guides – $7.50 ea.
6-20 student guides – $7.00 ea.
21-50 student guides – $6.50 ea.
51 and above – $6.00 ea.

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