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You’ve heard the familiar proverb: “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” That’s precisely the unique investment opportunity that we ask you to carefully consider. It is so extraordinary, we believe you will be intrigued by its far-reaching, lifetime effects.

Thanks to the world-wide-web, your tax-deductible investments in e-Vine® Interactive Library involve specialized, interactive education extended to children, youth and adults everywhere!

When funding is provided to help us post a variety of articles and videos in our library, the material can be viewed by not just one child in one community, but by thousands of individuals in every village and nation of the world!

Millions of people can read the same piece of literature and be challenged, motivated, and changed. But it doesn’t stop there. It becomes a legacy that can be extended to your children and grandchildren. Yes! Each and every publication in this library can have an enduring, never-ending payback dividend!

While it’s true that most of the information in our library is already on the Internet, consider the advantages e-Vine® offers:

  • All data is organized by subject and age level for maximum comprehension.
  • Articles and videos are easily accessible, in one location.
  • Random Internet information often harbors a strong secular, humanistic slant.
  • In e-Vine®, a subtle, yet definite Christian perspective is always present.
  • Parents can feel safe about their children and teens logging on to this website.
  • Testing is administered as proof of retention, completion, and learning.
  • A unique “learn-and-earn” incentive is featured to promote continuous learning.

There is more. Consider the impact of articles and videos that emphasize:

  • Time management: setting priorities; planning; avoiding procrastination
  • Conflict management: resolving problems with parents, siblings, classmates, teachers
  • Effective decisions: positive choices and results; consequences; alternatives
  • Money management: earning power; budgets; saving and giving
  • Communication: listening skills; body language; active, empathetic listening
  • Character development: honesty; integrity; reputation; forgiveness; discipline
  • Socially correct: cultural differences; manners; dining etiquette; introductions
  • Family and fun: working; playing; making memories; caring for others
  • Discovering nature: edible, medicinal, and native plants; our world and universe
  • Healthy living: nutritious whole foods; chemical detox; exercise; sleep
  • Spiritual issues: relationship with God; worship; prayer; salvation

Can you believe the limitless possibilities? Lives will be forever changed by the instruction and information posted in this one single website!

But the best part is… you can become our partner! With a tax-deductible donation of any size, you can directly impact the potential and productivity of countless children, youth, and adults… all over the world!


Financial donations to e-Vine projects can be "one-time" or automatically deducted as a weekly, monthly, or quarterly contribution and can be applied to whatever project the donor wishes to support. Watch this section for new e-Vine Projects -- COMING SOON!

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